Simple cake decorating ideas that easily take your cakes to the next level!

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Easy Cake Decorating Ideas: Add Piping

An easy technique to give your cake a sophisticated look is to pipe your frosting through a pastry bag. There are different types of bag tips that will get you different looks on your cake:

  • Round tips are used to make lines, dots, and writing.
  • Star tips are used to create stars, shells, flowers, decorative borders, and rosettes.
  • Leaf tips are used to make leaf shapes.
  • Basket-weave tips are used to make lattices and ribbonlike lines and borders.

How to Pipe Frosting

  • Fill a pastry bag about two-thirds full of frosting.
  • Fold the corners over, and roll the bag down to the frosting.
  • With one hand, grip the bag near the roll above the frosting.
  • Apply pressure with the palm of your hand, forcing the frosting toward the tip.
  • Use your other hand to guide the tip of the bag.

Easy Cake Decorating Ideas: Add Creative Toppings



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Instead of achieving the perfect look for your cake with piped frosting, you can get a creative look by adding fresh fruit, purchased cookies, and nuts. Here are a few creative cake-topping ideas:

  • Whole small berries
  • Sliced fruit
  • Pecan, cashew, or walnut halves
  • Sliced or slivered almonds
  • Chopped hazelnuts, pistachios, or peanuts
  • Toasted or raw flaked or shredded coconut
  • Gingersnaps
  • Cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies

Cake Decorating Tip: Be sure to serve cakes embellished with cookies or fresh fruit within two hours!


Easy Cake Decorating Ideas: Use Baking Decorations and cake toppers

Check out the baking aisle at supermarkets, crafts stores, or specialty food stores for some of these edible garnishes. Here are a few that you'll find, plus tips on how best to use them:

  • Nonpareils: Available in mixed or single colors, these tiny opaque balls add a touch of color and texture to your cake.
  • Colored decorating sugars: Choose from a wide variety of colors of coarse sugars, such as sparkle sugars, or finer-grain sanding sugars to add sparkle to your cake.
  • Pearl sugar: These small, opaque white balls of sugar add a unique texture to cakes.
  • Edible glitter: This flaked colored sugar adds a glistening look to cakes.
  • Jimmies: Also called sprinkles, these tiny cylindrical decorations are available in single or mixed colors.
  • Confetti: These colorful, flat cake decorations come in many shapes for just about every occasion and holiday.
  • Cake toppers: Easy to use and they come in tons of great designs!

Cake Decorating Tip: Use stencils to create shapes such as hearts with edible glitter, decorating sugars, or nonpareils.


Easy Cake Decorating Ideas: Use an airbrush!

Using an airbrush on your cakes can take a cake to the next level! These used to only be available to professionals but prices have dropped and quality has gone through the roof! 

  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for easily coloring cakes
  • Create intricate designs or simple patterns
  • Create custom colors
  • Can also be used with makeup


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Grab some spatulas and scrapers now!!

Frosting Basics: Choosing frosting and adding flavor and color

Before getting started on any cake decorating, you'll have to choose a frosting. You can easily whip up a homemade frosting, or if you're tight on time, use storebought frosting (it's just as good!). Keep in mind that creamy frosting varieties work best for piping, and whipped frosting varieties spread and swirl smoothly and evenly.

After choosing the frosting you'll use, you have to decide whether you want to tint or flavor your frosting. Butter frostings, white frostings, and cream cheese frostings can be tinted almost any color and flavored to match the cake's flavor.

How to Color Frosting

There are two ways to add color to frosting. Paste or gel food coloring is highly concentrated and comes in a variety of colors (you can find it at hobby stores and specialty cooking stores). A little goes a long way with this type of food coloring -- just swirl a toothpick into the coloring and mix well into your frosting. Add the color little by little until you have your desired hue.

Liquid food coloring is more commonly found in grocery stores and is usually packaged in a set of four colors: red, yellow, green, and blue. To use, stir drops of food coloring into the frosting (mix and match the primary colors to get creative hues!) until you achieve your desired color.

How to Flavor Frosting

For a little something extra, you can add flavor to your frosting to complement the flavor of the cake. Choose from various flavorings and extracts, such as vanilla, almond, rum, or maple, as well as different liqueurs (raspberry, hazelnut, coffee) and citrus zest to add standout flavors before decorating your cake.